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Identity, Print, Website

Cheap Tramadol Overnight, By Tramadol Online

In Full Bloom

Just Limegrass is a company specialising in ecology, gardening and landscaping. But despite having been up and running since 2007, the business hadn’t established a solid brand identity and website, relying instead on word of mouth to grow.

Having reached a point where bigger contracts were on the horizon, Just Limegrass realised that in order to win them, some branding expertise was needed.


An initial meeting with owners Tom and Montse, was followed by competitor research. We then collaborated to create a solid, timeless identity for the business, which reflects the ‘modern meets traditional’ nature of the team’s work and forms an appropriate platform to convey Tom and Montse’s deep academic understanding of ecology and biology.

We provided the Just Limegrass photographer with image direction to align the style to our visions for the brand, as well as writing the web copy in a tone of voice which considered their wide ranging audience, from homeowners through to architects and developers. The new brand was rolled out across various touchpoints with customers, both online and offline.

“We were delighted with all the help and advice we received from the team at Become as well as the look and feel they created for our business. We’re proud to finally be able to say we have a brand.”

Montse Moya North — Director of Just Limegrass

Cheap Tramadol Overnight, By Tramadol Online


This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

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