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Can You Still Get Tramadol Online, Shop Tramadol Online

What the F… Flamingo?

Working with the films produced by Scorch London, the creative agency behind the #TwingoFlamingo campaign for Renault, Become was tasked with extending the concept for delivery across a number of digital and rich media platforms.

Antoine Héry, digital marketing manager at Renault UK, said: “We wanted to create fun and engaging content that appeals to our target audience.”

If you haven’t seen the film, you can do so Buying Tramadol Online Cheap.


The main video, shot in a broadway style, highlights the playful nature of the all-new Twingo and features a full chorus line, rugby players and a pink flamingo. It was our job to produce supporting graphics and carry this message across multiple digital platforms, engaging with a young, female audience aged 18-35. 

Rich media banners were rolled out across the WhatCar website, MSN and YouTube, capturing the fun of the campaign and showcasing the all-new Renault Twingo range.


Can You Still Get Tramadol Online, Shop Tramadol Online


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