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Copywriting, Identity, Packaging, Print, Website

Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery, Cheapest Tramadol Cod

Live Lightly

Inch Blue, a leading manufacturer of soft leather children’s shoes, wanted to launch a distinct new lifestyle brand that would appeal to an ethically conscious market, without detracting from its existing offering. 

The owners had moved to New Zealand, in search of some adventure and rest. This journey inspired their vision for Wolfie + Willow; luxury leather moccasins, handmade from eco leather. Upon their return to Wales, they briefed us to help them create this new brand.


We wanted our lifestyle branding to have an authentic story behind it, and used their journey to form the basis…

“… We learnt that life’s magical moments are here for the taking. They can’t always last as long as we’d like but when you’re in the moment, whether on your own doorstep, or further afield, you must live it, breathe it and hold on to the magic, in any way you can.

Wolfie + Willow is our way of doing what we do best, handcrafting leather, while conveying, through our products, a state of being we once found. It’s a mindset we can all find, if we just give ourselves a chance to live in the moment, every once in a while…”

The strapline ‘live lightly’ was designed to encapsulate the bohemian yet reflective spirit of the brand. Though not dissimilar to the concept of living simply, we felt this had been overdone and lacked conciseness. The concept of living lightly formed the basis of all the building blocks and language underpinning the website, packaging and communications for the brand’s launch in the UK.

Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery, Cheapest Tramadol Cod


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