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Show, don’t tell


Show, don’t tell


This week, Become attended the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Brand Health Summit Series 16 in London.

Designed to help marketing professionals and business leaders get the insight needed to grow brand value, speakers included Julien Callede, co-founder of Made.com, Paul Ferraiolo, Marketing Director of BMW UK and Rob Strachan, VP Global Marketing at Regus.

Discovering exactly how some of these companies have tackled a variety of marketing and branding challenges is invaluable to an agency like ours. And it made us want to define exactly what it is you gain from attending a live event that you simply can’t access by reading about or viewing it afterwards. For us it boils down to the power of the experience.  ‘Show, don’t tell’ was a great piece of advice delivered by Rob Strachan while describing how he countered resistance from decision makers during an overhaul of coffee retailer Ritazza by setting up a real, working example of the shop he envisioned. It resulted in getting the go ahead to roll out  the new brand across all of their stores.

Rob observed that almost everybody is driven by emotion almost all of the time. And that letting stakeholders experience the vision can be the key to getting their buy-in. This notion seemed to be backed up by Salesforce Head of Digital Marketing EMEA, Jeremy Waite, in his engaging insight into the future of brand relationships. While Jeremy placed data and insight firmly at the heart of marketing decision-making, he conceded that 75% of executives will still make decisions with their hearts, regardless of what the data tells them.

The take-away? If you have a vision for your brand or your company, get people inspired. Don’t build your case on data alone. And show (don’t tell) them what your vision looks like.

CIM Brand Health Summit 2016


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