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Building brand trust through your website


Building brand trust through your website

That you should ensure your website is professionally executed by a team with branding and digital expertise goes without saying. This article focuses instead on specifics you can incorporate to ensure your website is working for you 24/7 to build brand trust.


Building brand trust through your website


Get responsive

Responsive web design is an absolute must if you want to connect with today’s tech savvy customers. Mobile devices are now used more frequently than desktops to view websites. You’re effectively dismissing a large proportion of your potential market if your website doesn’t offer a good mobile experience, as well as conveying a reluctance to move with the times, which may reflect badly on your business overall. Google rankings now also take into account how mobile-friendly a site is, so don’t hold off from making your website responsive.


Be social

Integrating social sharing buttons and linking to your social accounts promotes a spirit of transparency and ensures your brand appears happy to engage, as well as benefiting local search engine optimisation. Social media provides endless opportunities for meaningful brand engagement and PR exercises so be sure to embrace it. As consumers, we’re constantly on the look out for cues about who we should trust to deliver us a product or service. Social media enables businesses to craft messages daily as vehicles to confirm they can be trusted.


Simplify the journey

Your customers want to be able to trust that engaging with your business will be straightforward. There’s no worse introduction to a potential customer than a complicated website that’s difficult to navigate or requires the user to wade through tons of text to reach their destination. Think about what your website is telling customers about your business. That dealing with you will be complicated and time-consuming? Or that you have prioritised giving them an effortless customer journey?


Make contact easy

Include full contact details in the footer of your website pages as well as on a specific contact page. Include your physical address, as well as any other details validating who you are and what you do, such as your registered company number and VAT number. Customers want to know they’re dealing with a traceable company, not one that could potentially do a vanishing act. Make sure you show then what they want to see and are easy to contact.


Spread the word

Your existing customers are your greatest proponents so make the most of them. Case studies, testimonials and reviews are all invaluable tools for building trust in your brand, so don’t overlook them. Set in place a standard process to follow all customer purchases, encouraging them to leave reviews and testimonials you can use standalone and for case studies. Be sure to make the most of each case study you produce. Ensure they’re placed prominently on your website. Extend their life by exploring specific aspects within blog posts which can be shared by visitors and your own business, through social media.


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