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Parkour Generations

Copywriting, Print

Parkour Generations

Hitting the Ground Running

Dedicated to teaching and displaying the art of movement, Parkour Generations is the world’s leading training company for freerunning and parkour. All about using your body and surroundings to overcome obstacles in getting from place to place (think Casino Royale’s chase scenes), parkour embodies physicality and philosophy, agility as well as mental strength.

Our work kicked off with a brand refresh across some hanging banners for the opening of the Chainstore, Britain’s first indoor parkour centre, which was ultimately pulled through a range of touchpoints.


Visually representing a movement with such a variety of intrinsic qualities was the challenge. Strength, fitness, agility, grace, self-belief and courage all needed to be captured through the brand refresh, then rolled out across the hanging banners as well as flyers, newspaper adverts, exhibition panels and promotional brochures.

For a brand with such a tremendous sense of spirit, we felt it was essential to emphasise the experience itself through photography, colour and copy. Conveying the essence of the brand through words, as well as pictures, was key to our approach, with powerful straplines taking centre stage alongside strong imagery. An angled strip device was adopted to create an edgy contrast to the fluid nature of the discipline, unifying all of the service areas within the brand, while assigning each a colour.

“We knew from the off that Become had grasped what Parkour Generations and our new London Academy are about and would do a fantastic job of communicating that. Working with Become has been an absolute pleasure, they’ve been responsive, insightful and creative – exactly what we look for in any partner. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with them on a number of upcoming projects.”

Dan Edwardes — Founder of Parkour Generations

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